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okay, so, i'm planning on moving overseas as some of you may know and… - Katrina ♥ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Feb. 1st, 2011|05:48 pm]
Katrina ♥
okay, so, i'm planning on moving overseas as some of you may know and i'm trying to compile a list of things that people have borrowed, or i have borrowed from them. the thing is, i often forget this sort of thing, so please let me know, or correct me if i am wrong.

this is what i remember borrowing:

travis - i have your flavor of love 1 and 2 and also black swan. i will return these to you ASAP.
nat - i have your two books who's who in hell and fierce people. i swear you said i could keep one of these because you had two copies but i can't remember which.
jackie - i have your friday and next friday. i will return these to you ASAP.
toy - did i still have any of your dvds? i think it was only torchwood i borrowed, right?

this is what i remember people borrowing:
nat - you have my small silver ipod, where the fuck is santa and i think bam's unholy union? i know you took a few dvds when you last visited but i'm a little fuzzy on which.
toy - did you still have any of my dvds? i can't remember if it was only skins i loaned to you or not.
chris - even though he won't read this, i totally have a half-used bottle of snow fairy. i should send that to him...

i need a lot of help on this because i can NEVER REMEMBER what i have loaned out, fo'reals, so please speak up! i especially tend to forget books.

this is what i (know i) am missing:
- wildboyz season 1 (jackie maybe? idk)
- how i met your mother season 3

because this entry is public so that all of my friends can see this list, if you need to send something back to me can you please email me on katrina.schmidt2@gmail.com to get my address? i'd rather not put it out publicly just because. likewise, if you know i have something of yours that you need returned before i leave, can you please email me your address?

i know this is pretty premature, but i need to know well in advance because i take my sweet ass time getting to a post office to post these things.