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flamboyant's Journal

Katrina ♥
5 April 1988
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I'm incredibly lazy and that's mostly all you need to know about me. Go to my myspace, read the info, read my blogs and look at my pictures. That should give you an indication of who I am, and if you want to know anything else about me, you could always IM me.
"garbage in garbage out", 2*sweet, accents, afi, aiden, alkaline trio, androgyny, art, artistic people, bam margera, bam margera's fashion sense, bob bryar, books, border security, borders, brandon novak, bravery, brendon urie's unrelenting gay-ness, bret easton ellis, bring me the horizon, brokeback mountain, carl barat, chicago, chris gutierrez, chris' voiceposts, chuck palahniuk, clothing, cobra starship, coke zero™, creativeness, criminals, curiousity, dave grohl, davey havok, decaydance, deep and meaningful conversations, digital cameras, dirty pretty things, dogs, dreaming, drop dead fred, drunk travis, exceeding expectations, extraordinary people, fall out boy, fight club, foo fighters, forgive durden, frank iero, freddie mercury, fueled by ramen, gay/bi people, gerard way, going out, going to work tired, guitar, gym class heroes, haggard, harry potter, hellogoodbye, him, individuality, inspirational people, inspirational places, interesting people, interesting places, invisible monsters, jack's mannequin, jackass, jackson pollis' half-assed perm?, james dewees, jodi picoult, kurt cobain, lily allen, lip piercings, little britain, london, lotms, magazines, marilyn manson, mikey way, misshapes, moar beer!, movies, music, music industry, my american heart, my chemical romance, nature, new york, nightmare of you, noel fielding's vagina, nose piercings, not being an accountant, obsessions, panic at the disco, patrick stumph, patrick's bidness, patrick's solo career, people different from myself, peter doherty, peter wentz, photography, photoshop, piercings, proving you wrong, queer as folk, raab himself, ray toro, reading, release the bats, repeat offender, rod laver arena, ryan dunn, ryan ross, serial killers, sex pistols, shopping, sleeping, sleeping in late, sneaking backstage, staying up late, stephen chbosky, sunsets, taking back sunday, tattoos, that "emo kid" song, the academy is..., the clash, the darkness, the darkness' guitar solos, the hush sound, the intarwebz, the killers, the notebook, the ramones, the rules of attraction, the smiths, the tiberlines, the used, third eye blind, travelling, trying-to-work-out-how-other-people's-brains-work, tucker rule, velvet goldmine, viva la bam, warped tour, william beckett, william s. burroughs, wolfmother