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#sydmas is tomorrow so this is the final roll call! also serving as… - Katrina ♥ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Nov. 24th, 2011|06:06 pm]
Katrina ♥
[Current Location |brisbane]

#sydmas is tomorrow so this is the final roll call! also serving as a reminder of what i need to pack.

as i've said, i often forget this sort of thing, so please let me know, or correct me if i am wrong.

this is what i remember borrowing:
travis - i have your flavor of love 1 and 2. i will return these to you ASAP and meant to do so the other weekend, but i keep forgetting.
jess - I have your misfits season 1 and i'm so sorry i'm holding onto this. i've watched it and been meaning to return it for ages.
nat - i have your two books who's who in hell and fierce people. i swear you said i could keep one of these because you had two copies but i can't remember which. again.
toy - i have doctor who, dylan moran and some l word. i also think I have a copy of high fidelity which may be yours. if it's not, i don't know who it belongs to.

this is what i remember people borrowing:
nat - you have my small silver ipod, where the fuck is santa and i think bam's unholy union? i know you took a few dvds when you last visited but i'm a little fuzzy on which. still fuzzy.
toy - did you still have any of my dvds? i can't remember if it was only skins i loaned to you or not. it seems you're always giving me things!
megan - my booky wook, yes? pete doesn't have it, so you must.

i need a lot of help on this because i can NEVER REMEMBER what i have loaned out, fo'reals, so please speak up! i especially tend to forget books.

this is what i (know i) am missing:
- wildboyz season 1 (possibly stolen by previous roommate)
- how i met your mother season 3

if you know i have something of yours that you need returned before i leave (dec 12), can you please email me your address? i should be seeing anyone who's anyone at #sydmas though.